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Meet Classroom Teacher Nicky Gauci

The latest classroom teacher to join St Lawrence of Brindisi comes to our team with a genuine commitment to develop our student’s faith and resilience.

Nicky Gauci embraces the diversity of her students and nurtures a strong sense of connectedness and belonging. She brings great joy to her teaching and loves working with students to set personal goals with them.

“Where possible, I provide positive feedback and further focus on areas of improvement. I also plan my lessons to cater for all learning styles within the classroom, and I collect and analyse data to drive my future teaching,” Nicky said.

“I take opportunities to provide students with the chance to take control of their learning. One way of achieving this is by allowing students the opportunity to present their understanding in a range of ways.”

“I acknowledge each individual child’s characteristics and learning abilities with the implementation of differentiated strategies to cater for students with diverse backgrounds, needs and interests.”

One of the things Nicky loves about being a teacher is creating a learning environment that is safe and supportive, where she can nurture the needs of all children.

The opportunity to join the team at St Lawrence of Brindisi and contributing to building the foundation of the school’s culture was too good to miss for this passionate teacher.

“I felt a connection with the school’s vision and mission statements of building and nurturing relationships, in pursuing the fullness of life for all. With the empowerment of respecting the dignity of each person,” Nicky said.

“I want to build student’s confidence and resilience to aim for the stars, as the sky is their limit.”

Outside of school Nicky has two furry friends that are very loyal and never leave her side.

“In my spare time, I love to draw and sketch both cartoons and realistic pieces that see the beauty in simplicity. I enjoy spending time with family and friends traveling around Australia caravanning and camping.”

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