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We are proud to announce Bill Hill as the Foundation Principal of St Lawrence of Brindisi primary school which will open in Weir Views, in 2022.

Bill comes to St Lawrence’s with extensive experience as a Principal in Ballarat and Ararat and before that he taught in Catholic schools in Perth and the United Kingdom.

A focus of Bill’s leadership in his previous schools has been to develop a culture that places the student and their individual learning needs at the heart of the educational process and he is looking forward to building this into the culture of St Lawrence.

He will be also focussed on building strong partnerships with the community because he believes the active engagement of the community can have a profound impact on the culture of the school and the education of its children.

St Lawrence will be the sister school of St Anthony’s and right from the beginning Bill will be developing a close relationship between these two school communities.

In addition to the working with the school’s builders and architects to create an inspiring, contemporary school, this year Bill will also be searching for engaging, passionate teachers who will build nurturing relationships with children, work in partnership with parents and caregivers and collaborate with colleagues to ensure that every child is nurtured and supported.

Away from school Bill is a proud father and husband. He is an avid reader, particularly of historical fiction and has had a life-long interest in history, notably medieval history. His family has two very naughty, very spoilt Labradors which are a great release from the pressures of work. When the weather is right you will also see Bill enjoying the open roads on his motorcycle.

Mr Bill Hill
Founding Principal

“I am hugely passionate about 21st-century Catholic schooling, creating cultures in which every child is actively engaged in their educational development; where they are inspired to be creative, dynamic learners, and where they are empowered to have an active voice.

“As an educator, I have long aspired for the opportunity to work with a community to develop a school culture from the beginning; a culture where each person is valued, where the learning is profound and where children are empowered to be creative, innovative and critical thinkers.”

“Wellbeing will be a critical component in life of the school. When children are happy, engaged, when they are listened to and respected as unique individuals shaped as God intended, they are far more likely to enjoy school and experience success.”

“St Lawrence will be a place of welcome and nurture; a school where every face has a place and is valued.”

“I look forward to this fabulous new opportunity which I mark as the highlight of my career so far. I am looking forward to building relationships with the community of St Lawrence’s and the parish community at St Anthony’s.”

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